An Odd Spot for a Strange Idea: Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries

Stellanovella1 chairmelstepsEver find yourself in limbo? That’s how I felt, almost 4 years back. I was hanging about in a nursing home corridor, waiting to help move an enormous television into an elderly acquaintance’s new bedroom. I really liked the staff and the friendly women who sat in the corridor chatting, just as if it were a park. Corridor Park.

I asked myself, What if I lived here? What on earth would I do with myself? How do you wake up every morning knowing that people are responsible for you, but you are responsible for nothing but agreeable behaviour towards those around you (there seemed to be some possibilities for rebellion here). We all need a good reason for getting out of bed in the morning. What would that be?

Television? Hell no. Complaining about the food? Possibly. But Stella Ryman would have a better idea. And so she becomes… (tag line approaching)… an amateur sleuth, trapped a down-at-heel care home.

Stella Ryman. You’d be cranky too.

Stella Ryman and the Case of the Third Option can be found in Pulp Literature Volume 1. You can buy a copy or subscribe here.PL1

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