Today, It’s All About the Ebook


Tomorrow, too. That’s when I’m releasing the novella Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries on Amazon, and it will go out through their free downloads for five days. I’m excited.

The brilliant Susan Pieters and JM Landels edited Stella. I’m humbled and most encouraged by the feedback these novellas have received upon publication in Pulp Literature in the first atry2nd third anthologies (

This first Stella Novella ebook includes two pieces: the bonus short story Stella Ryman and the Case of the Third Option, Stella’s introductory adventure, and the novella Stella Versus the Dragon, wherein a stolen Bonnie Prince Charlie coin brings out Stella’s sleuthing talents and avenging energies.

Stella Novella 2 of the Fairmount Manor Mysteries will be released November 7, 2014: The Poison Pen Affair.

Thanks a million to any of Stella’s much-loved readers who would be so good as to write a review.

All good things to you,

Mel Anastasiou

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