Time and Time Again: Managing it

smallclockforblogI’m a true believer in time’s bounty. There’s lots of time for everybody and everything in our lives–that is, for everything we truly love to do and everyone we love to be with.

My book on time management for writers looks at finding the large and small powerful and enjoyable ways to move a career forward. I don’t believe in spending time on high-energy worry and last-minute panics. I believe in creating a supporting platform of loving your work and making decisions about in a happy and calm state that I might compare to the feeling of selecting items I need or simply love from a catalogue for my beloved home and family.

And I believe in enjoying every happy moment when I’m outlining, drafting, revising, and polishing after editorial. Because I truly love to write even more than to have written.

Coming soon in Amazon, the short, practical, illustrated “Quit the Day Job: Time Management for Writers”.

melstepsNote: At Pulp Literature, we’re Kickstarting our Year Two Subscriptions. There’s a link here.  I love being part of editing and illustrating this well-regarded short fiction magazine. Thanks for considering subscribing to Year 2, issues 5 through 8, of Pulp Literature!


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