Old Shoes for a New Mystery Novel

shoesI had a great time searching out 1934 details for line drawings for my mystery novel The Extra. It’s a long book, and I started out by thinking a few repeated images would be all that was necessary. Five, maybe. Or eight. Ha! I ended with more than thirty
and enjoyed every line.

My friend and co-editor JM Landels points out that I ought to entitle this tale Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The Extra tells the story of schoolmarm Frankie who drives her dad’s Model A to Hollywood to become a star and instead has to act her way clear of murder charges.

Here are Frankie’s brogues, a part of her cunning disguise.


melstepsNote: At Pulp Literature, we’re Kickstarting our Year Two Subscriptions. Here’s a link to Pulp Lit. I love being part of editing and illustrating this well-regarded short fiction magazine. Thanks for considering subscribing to Year 2, issues 5 through 8, of Pulp Literature!


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