The Binary Satisfaction of Black Ink on White Paper

penandinkpotI love drawing in black and white. I start with a detailed sketch–shading and pentimento and all that. Then, I leave the grey areas to the imagination to fill in and it’s just ink or no ink, white space or no white space. I erase everything in between.

There’s a story told of the young Degas asking his hero Ingres what he ought to do. Ingres looked at him in that way he no doubt had and said,  “Draw lines, young man, and still more lines, both from life and from memory, and you will become a good artist.”

In other people’s work I adore the sfumato and is-he-isn’t-she, but for me it’s all about trying to achieve the beauty of the line.

melsteps Note from Mel: At Pulp Literature, we’re Kickstarting our Year Two Subscriptions, just until the end of November. Here’s a link to the page for Pulp Lit. I love being part of editing and illustrating this well-regarded short fiction magazine.  Thanks for considering subscribing to Year 2, issues 5 through 8, of Pulp Literature!

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