Steampunk Fish

Steampunk fishface (detail)
Steampunk fishface (detail) by Mel Anastasiou for Mary Rykov’s poem “A Siren’s Tale”

This fish was my first adventure in Steampunk. I drew it thinking only of making a fish for Mary Rykov’s gorgeous poem “A Siren’s Tale” in Pulp Literature Issue 2.

I learned a lot from the one fish, which ended up becoming two fish, about white space in line drawings. I drew it full page, where it looked just right, but learned when it was necessarily made smaller for the magazine to leave more white space no matter how much fun I was having with the details. Or else to begin with a smaller drawing!

melsteps Note from Mel: At Pulp Literature, we’re Kickstarting our Year Two subscriptions, just up until the end of November. Here’s a link to the page for Pulp Lit. I love being part of editing and illustrating this well-regarded short fiction magazine.  Thanks for considering subscribing to Year 2, issues 5 through 8, of Pulp Literature!

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