Cover Story & Flash Fiction Contest



Marketing books. Wow.

In the olden days you wrote your book, and if a publisher accepted it for publication they gave you some money and you sat there working on your next book and wondering why this book wasn’t selling. Now we indies know that we’re going to be marketing, there’s no escaping it, and all of a sudden you’d better know what colours your cover should be this month. And which ones next month.

And then we discover that this is so much fun. I love looking at covers. I love having control over mine. Here’s the one I’m working on after much research. The colours are “now” for retro books, and the X composition is a lot of fun to work with.

Next time, the blurb.

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Contest News This month, The Hummingbird  Flash Fiction contest at Pulp Literature. $300 and publication in print for the first prize winner, $75 and print publication for the second place. Find it here


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