The Age of the Novella and a Flash Fiction Contest

What a great time this is for those of us who write novellas. ghostcoverrough

I naturally think in novels, but I discovered through writing the Stella Novellas that it can be even more fun to write 4 or 5 novellas that, while standing alone also, like James Thurber’s ironing board that becomes a coffee table, form a larger story arc to make a complete novel.

Not only are novellas lovely to write and read, without horning in on our beloved short fiction and novels, but now we can publish them and actually get hard copies printed as well. I have a much loved, much edited Ghost Story that at 100 pages was too short for traditional publishers when I first wrote it. Not only can I publish it and market it on Amazon these days, but I get control on my cover art and I can order a proof copy for a few dollars and print a large or small run for about the same.

What a dream come true. Don’t you love our writing life?

PS Contest News…Now at Pulp Literature, until June 15, a Flash Fiction contest here.

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