Live Your Full-time Writing Career and Your Full-time Life


I strongly believe that you can live your full-time writer’s life along with your full-time working and personal life. Addressing key points in your manuscript during your non-drafting time is one way to manage it.

For example, your “Belly of the Beast” section* is filled with energy. Coming right after your Act 1, it’s filled with trials and learning for your protagonist and allies.

One of the reasons it succeeds so well is that you dig deep for ideas. Maybe you take a couple of minutes brainstorm lists of adventures past the obvious into the interesting. This bit of time is worth hours or days of revision, for with this sort of planning each adventure you write for them causes your characters to grow as they attempt feats and connections they never would have attempted in your Act 1.

In this way character development is built right in along the way, and your story grows in strength along with your reader.
Your career is right on track. Have a wonderful day in your Writer’s Life.

Mel Anastasiou


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