Writing Time: Part 2. How Do You Know Whether You’ve Got the Talent?

Writing yourself into a successful career is in a large part about rewarding your readers with a fabulous book, but at least as important is growing into your own inner certainty that you’re giving exactly that to your readers.hand and pencil

How do you know whether you are talented enough to succeed in this challenging field?

The answer is, if you are sticking with it, if you are determined, then you are talented. That is so for every profession. We’ve all met great teachers, superb doctors, topnotch lawyers, successful authors, and they have something in common – no matter what the challenges, they love their work, and by the way would certainly not wish to trade careers with each other.

As with every profession, there’s a lot to learn, and writing fiction is especially challenging, because all readers are experts in storytelling. They may not be able to explain what makes a perfectly readable tale, but every reader knows it when it’s there.

Luckily, we writers are equipped with the same clever inner expert. As well, each of us comes to the writing table equipped with certain skills that come easily to us. Most of us have other skills that we need to sweat to develop. But that doesn’t matter, so long as we’re willing to keep on. All craft may be learned if the interest is there.

Interest – focus – a love of the work and the learning that goes with it is one of the most reliable indicators of a writer’s talent, and certainly the easiest to recognize in ourselves.

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