Writing Time, Part 11. You Have the Math, We Have the Time

small singer copyWe who love to write keep our great dreams close to us and visit our great vision every day. To reach a goal—let’s say, to write full-time—we are perfectly placed to make it happen through the goals we set for today. I’m talking about short steps, achievable daily aims, which bring us, reliably, closer to our larger goals.

The necessary tasks, when hitched to a dream, are enjoyable ones. We envision, outline, make business plans, and make marketing plans during small chunks of time through our week. Employing 10 to 15 minutes here and there through our regular days and weeks, outside our big chunk of dedicated drafting time, takes us a long way towards a writing career.

10 to 15 minutes doesn’t sound like much. But it’s enough to get a great start on something. And further than that, we may consider the Pareto principle, which proposes that we achieve 80% of results in 20% of the time we spend at the work. If you do that math, then 15 minutes is a powerful chunk of time. If you’re doing 80% of the work in 15 minutes, suddenly the whole day, week, month and year turn around.

How to make sure this time management gold happens comes down in great part to

  1. Attitude to writing, the can-do feeling arises from great dreams and goals, and from a deep interest in pursuing excellence in our craft
  2. Preparation for writing, which comes from having the 15-minute outlines and other short tasks to hand

With a great attitude and steady incremental preparation, we are a long way towards creating the author’s life we want and deserve.

Have another brilliant writing day.



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