Writing Time Part 13. Another Writers’ Theme Song: Time is on Our Side.

Manonhorsewithclock“Everything is attitude.” – R Walton.

Even time constraints can work for us.

Time constraints, like sewer rats, are almost universally despised. But taken calmly and without negative bias, time constraints give us structure in a career notorious for its organic swirls of energy and entropy. These same constraints can help us to keep our dreams firmly in our sights.

With big dreams, you need small goals to get you there.

“Big” is relative, though. The dream of a best-selling writing career is enormous compared with a current work in progress. But that same work in progress is huge compared with the single sentence each of us is going to compose next. A single sentence is huge next to the empty page that we sometimes face.

Fifteen minutes constrain us. Fifteen minutes, in fact, can be almost rat-like in their ability to vanish into the tunnels of the day. But it’s also enough time to dedicate a strong talent to the single task of roughly outlining an arc in a character’s growth, or listing twenty ways that boy can meet girl, or writing five possible opening lines for your next scene, nailing time, place, and conflict. Each of these helps turn a good story idea into an intriguing one.

So what’s great about having a mere fifteen minutes in which to work on a manuscript? Use the fifteen wisely, and we’re more prepared to face the hour of drafting, when we get it, than many writers are who sit down to wrack their brains for a good idea during their drafting time. And whatever small step we take in that time block towards the great career goal is perfectly aimed to get us there.

All good wishes for your success. Have another brilliant writing day.




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