Writing Time Part 16: How Daring and Intrepid Dreams Direct Writers’ Time Management

When the rains come in our travels, our desire for our distant destination keeps us going. Then when sunny days come, our destination gleams with promise.

small singer copy

We must dare to create immense and courageous goals for our writing careers.

The first great thing about bold writing dreams is that for the most part they are entirely self-directed. It’s the rare friend or family member who will say “Oh, boy, you’re going to quit the day job, and here’s how you should do it.” So, because the dream lives inside us, we can be as modest and self-deprecatory in public as we like, while working towards whatever level of sales, fame, and readership we desire.

Even more importantly, the more precise our goal, the more accurately we can set our sail towards that destination. If we are, for example, writing our first fantasy novel, and we wake up each morning thinking, “I am a best-selling high fantasy author with three trilogies and a 12-volume series which will be produced on HBO,” then the small steps we take now will get us exactly there far more quickly. Take a look at GRR Martin’s schedules, Brandon Sanderson’s talks, and see what living it looks like for them. Imagine what it looks like for you.

So it is that daring goals direct our action. The time-lag between Where We Are Now and Where We Dream to Be becomes a gift, the chance to build our skills, increase our body of work, connect with readers and writers, find traditional publishing companies to approach if that’s our thing, or look at social media platforms and marketing seminars if we want an indie career.

When we know our ultimate dream, we’re firmly rooted in the work that will get us exactly there. And the work looks pretty exciting when you see it in the light of that shining destination. And even though we’re not there yet, we’re perhaps a little grateful that we’ve still got time to ourselves before our schedules, like Martin’s and Sanderson’s, fill up.

I hope it’s another brilliant writing day for you.



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