Writing Time Part 17. Time Management and True Love for Writers

loveofficesgirlsmall If we’ve got a great relationship with time, then we’re a long way towards developing a wonderful relationship towards our work. Of course, we all exper
ience time constraints. But look at it this way: as with the onset of romance, time constraints in writing can add to the excitement of the relationship. It’s like meeting a lover for a precious fifteen minutes during the day. We’re not going to be reading our emails as a delaying tactic then.

 If we’re dragging our feet to sit down with our work, then we want to take a look at our attitude to the relationship. (I won’t get into whether to stay in the relationship, because we love writing with heart and soul or we’re not reading these words).

  • Check our outlines—does a scene or a character need planning?
  • Visit the big dream.
  • Smile at our visions.

Just get started sounds cold, but only if we’re dreading the task. If we love writing, then just get started writing is an invitation we won’t want to refuse.

Like your own true love saying, Just come on over here.


Have another brilliant writing day. Cheers Mel

You can fit your full-time writing career into your full-time life. There’s never been a better time for it.

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