Writing Time Part 19. Time Management for Busy Writers

penandinkpotSometimes I think that time is a little like government funding. We say we don’t have any, but when we really want something – as, with governments, an Olympics or major weaponry – we find it. If we really want writing time, we find it.

One good source is in unloved pockets of time.

Look to the dreary, even emotionally empty moments in everyone’s lives. Standing in line for twenty minutes, waiting in the car, lying awake at night, caught in traffic. We school ourselves to stop with the mental complaints and turn with gratitude to pull our outline or scene out of our pocket and write something down. For those of us who are so beaten by the work week that we lie down in front of TV for two hours on a weekend, that’s our writing time. It becomes our pleasant task through the week to get ourselves stoked so stoke on the vision of writing—in our dedicated space, in our gift of that same two hours.

We must never take time for writing away from the joyful moments. Do not think, I will give up reading to my kids at night, and that will give me half an hour. That will bring misery and sorrow, whereas what we’re aiming for is a lovely and spectacular writer’s life.

And for those of us with tiny children, two jobs, and no sleep, maybe we really don’t have time. Yet. But it will come, so have faith.

I hope you’ll have another brilliant writing day.

There’s never been a better time to be a writer.

Cheers Mel

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