Writing Time, Part 35. Celerity on Gilded Wings

angelcastlesmallOur writing careers are grounded in persistence, goal-writing, outlining, and head-down concentration. But now and then a celeritous writing experience flies in on gilded wings and rewards writers swiftly and surely with a kind of Deus Ex Machina glory of plot and character development, sequel ideas, a better ending, or a fabulous start.

Celerity in writing is a beautiful thing. From time to time we get a bit of writing time and find it possible to do some big writing job in twenty minutes, or make an important seven-league step in thirty, or finish something we never thought in a million years could be done without weeks of effort and lo! It’s done in an hour.

I believe this occurs because writers’ minds are jam-packed with the reading we’ve done, the speakers we’ve heard, the skills we’ve gathered, turning the back burners of our minds into stewpots of expertise. Leave them alone and sometimes our unconscious minds solve writing problems for us. It’s like having Einstein handle all our relativity theory work while we get the shopping done, the spreadsheets finished and the lawn mown.

Our minds did the preparation for us, and all we had to do was take action.

Don’t you love when that happens?
I hope it’s another brilliant writing week for you. Cheers Mel

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This week from @yourwritingmuse: All is well with your career. I peeked into the future and you’ll love your reviews. Your fan, Your Writing Muse

One thought on “Writing Time, Part 35. Celerity on Gilded Wings

  1. Just wish I could plan when this happens! Ah well, I’ll take those wings whenever I get them… 🙂


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