Writing Time, Part 46. What’s the One Thing?

elfprincesssmallGoals get us up in the morning. Before we rise, before the business of the world we’ve created and which creates us takes over our day, we can remember that our great desire is to publish a shelf-load of stories, or to be a best-selling science fiction writer, or to write a character that will live as truly as Sherlock Holmes does. And then ask:

What’s the one thing I need to do next?

It might be to

  • create a unique setting for the next scene
  • make a supporting character force the protagonist to do what he’d never do (character development, see Donald Maass’s guides to writing)
  • find a better way for a character to stumble and pivot
  • write out the elevator pitch
  • write a jacket blurb
  • list 20 options for a better title
  • plan an overview of the development of a trilogy
  • draft the final paragraph of the story, even though it’s hardly begun

Whatever it is, our inner writer will be crafting it in our busy day, while we make tea, find our other shoe, fold the laundry, drive to the day job. And create the writing career we wish for, one step at a time, in the right direction.

I hope you’ll have another brilliant writing week. Cheers Mel

muse smallThis week from @yourwritingmuseThe body of work you’re creating now provides a solid foundation for your career. Congratulations on achieving so much, and on having such an amazing journey behind and ahead of you. From your fan, your Writing Muse

2 thoughts on “Writing Time, Part 46. What’s the One Thing?

  1. Today, my task was to create a weekly writing schedule. I used colour-coded sections in my daytimer. Green is my writing time!


  2. Hi Mel: I journal write every morning and that always gets my juices flowing. It is complete free-writing that raises skeletons from the closet of my desires and frustrations, but often when I bring these into the light, surprisingly nature begins to act on them in a positive way. So yes, even though the dust flies and I sometimes seem to be going backwards, my journal consistently tells me I am making progress.


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