Writing Time, Part 56. Goals, Systems, Dreams, and a Writing Career

small coracleWe’ve got to have great big goals to get us out of bed in the morning. But we need to set systems into place in order to move towards them, or goals may turn back into dreams.

Most writers I know have developed a system, for example, to get chores done and run our homes, to leave time for writing. Without a system, we have chaos. (Don’t ask me how I know.) And, without literary goals—big goals, shelves full of books goals—we end up with some pages written and a pretty tidy house. But add great goals to the system, and we have the peace of mind that comes from a home that is not necessarily perfect, but is welcoming, and we’re working towards creating, for example, our five novels in five years.

Great goals set our course. Systems are about the process, and most success experts say that process, not product, gets us where we want to go.

 I hope you’ll have another brilliant writing week. Cheers Mel

muse smallThis week from @yourwritingmuse:

You make a point of learning new skills every day. No wonder your work is so good. Your Writing Muse #amwriting @pulpliterature





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