Writing Time, Part 57. Tip: Don’t Kick the Authorial Dog.

pupsmallWhistling in the dark, we sometimes call it, but I don’t like hearing emerging and establishing writers speak self-deprecatingly of their work.  We don’t hear that sort of self-mockery much in other professions. And, even in our own, with a few Fitzgeraldian exceptions, we would be shocked if top-of-their-field authors spoke with destructive irony about their work.

Furthermore, feeling down about writing interferes with our management of our planning, drafting, and editing time. Well, I’ll never get there and the world’s not waiting, so I might as well check my emails.

Instead of speaking harshly about our own work, we would be better served to give our inner writing minds all the encouragement we can. And give that encouragement with our eyes wide open, and sincerely, because we know what our strongest skills are, and which skills we’re working on. With persistence, hard work, and learning we will always get better still. And that’s why we’re in this game, isn’t it? To write superb stories. To become our highest writing selves. To do that, we look to our great goals, and show up for the work. And, we don’t kick the authorial dog.

I hope you’ll have anotwritersconfidantcoverher brilliant writing week. Cheers Mel

I’m putting together a couple of illustrated Thirty-Day Writing Journals. Motivation, tips for narrative structure and storytelling tricks of the trade. The Writer’s Boon Companion, and The Writer’s Friend and Confidante. More info on how to pre-order, here, for Pulp Literature: Something Novel.





muse small

This week from @yourwritingmuse:You’ve wisely employed all the skills your hero gained in Act 2 in your final showdown. Your Writing Muse . Your Writing Muse 

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