Writing Time: JM Landels and Transformation in Allaigna’s Song: Overture.

45eeddf5c7712aa1b4db548092c36a3b_originalOne of the great new reads in fantasy, Allaigna’s Song: Overture  never fails to intrigue and satisfy my love of adventure and superbly drawn characters. I ask myself, how does JM Landels do it?

From the very first page, JM Landels draws me into Allaigna’s brilliantly observed world, a land rich in conflict and magic. Landels is gifted with storytelling abilities and gives her readers those greatest of rewards, surprise turns and great character growth and transformation. Subtle and powerful, her writing always pleases.

In her first paragraphs, Landels shows her craft and genius in world-building, centering the reader firmly in a resonant family picture, rooting us into a land teetering on the verge of war.  Danger gathers all around the flawed and appealing young Allaigna. Royal and empowered with magical abilities she has yet to discover, she feels the same fears that any young child might fear, of loss of a mother’s attention, and an uncertain place in her father’s kingdom.

Landels had me at Allaigna’s first song, when the little girl comes close to killing the new prince, her brother.

The full novel here, along with terrific rewards, in the Kickstarter campaign to startup a boutique publishing house, with Allaigna’s Song: Overture  leading the way to more fantasy, science fiction, mystery, steampunk, and historica titles.

45eeddf5c7712aa1b4db548092c36a3b_originalHere’s where to get it: Kickstarter’s Pulp Literature Press, Something Novel.

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