How to Write A Book, With the Help of a Steam-Powered Robot

I’ve been working on new ways to motivate and support writers. Of course, a steam-powered robot had to come into it somewhere. Ten bucks here, in pocket paperback.

The Writer’s Boon Companion promises to motivate, organize, and invigorate you for 30 days. This pocket writing journal offers space for goals, reflection, outlines, and offers what no other writing guide can, the future visions of a steam-powered robot.

small-snail“Illustrated and insightful, The Writer’s Boon Companion is a clever, quiet sidekick for the adventurous author.”


Thanks, reviewer! I designed The Writer’s Boon Companion to be a quiet, thoughtful chap. Boon offers daily hints and exercises to support your narrative along its road to completion. You’ll also find generous servings of motivation and philosophy to help you forge ahead over 30 days of drafting towards a completed novel or novella.


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