Writing Time, Part 59. Writing and the Beatles’ Touring Years

beatlebootsstampA brilliant and successful writer once told me, All writers secretly wish they were musicians or baseball players.

I don’t know whether that’s as true as it sounds, but watching professionals having fun in their profession never fails to thrill me.

“Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years,” Ron Howard’s documentary, provides a view of a group at the top of their field, taking the music (but not themselves or each other) seriously. I love the way they josh, endure, satirize, remain true to their promises, adapt, compromise (the time they give to live performances,) and refuse to compromise (the recording sessions.)

And, they use the lag when things are slow to become superb.

The number of hours to excellence bandied about the Internet is 10,000, (and then on to another 10,000, I’ll bet) and those guys spent a chunk of theirs in Hamburg, playing eight hours a day, attempting to draw in passersby to a seedy club on a seedier strip. I love to see the footage of the Fab Four making the most of their time on stage, the girls, the joking, and repeatedly creating the wild discipline required to play on through day and night. Watching endurance, exuberance and excellence combined, I remind myself to smile while I write. I’m kind of relieved that I’m spending my 10,000 in Vancouver and the UK, driven by nothing but deadline, with holly berries and sweet-singing blackbirds outside my office window. I’m only kind of relieved, though. Who doesn’t want to play music? Or, baseball? Who?

“I saw that Meryl Streep said, I just want to do my job well. And really, that’s all I’m ever trying to do.” -Paul McCartney

PS. I’ve been working on new ways to motivate and support writers. Of course, a steam-powered robot had to come into it somewhere. Ten bucks here, in pocket paperback.

The Writer’s Boon Companion promises to motivate, organize, and invigorate you for 30 days. This pocket writing journal offers space for goals, reflection, outlines, and offers what no other writing guide can, the future visions of a steam-powered robot. tinyurl.com/somethingnovel

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Thanks, reviewer! I designed The Writer’s Boon Companion to be a quiet, thoughtful chap. Boon offers daily hints and exercises to support your narrative along its road to completion. You’ll also find generous servings of motivation and philosophy to help you forge ahead over 30 days of drafting towards a completed novel or novella.


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