Writing Time, Part 60. The Pleasures of the Stationery Shop

5penssmallMaybe it’s the same for you, author: I love stationery stores. Once inside, there comes over
me a feeling of pleasant expectancy mixed with the urge to guard my own actions. It’s the same kind of self-restraint with which I’d approach choosing three magical wishes.

The new notebook, the perfect pen, the…

I think writers love stationery stores because they are shops jam-packed with possibility, of white pages and dark ink that magically become something at once concrete and ethereal when they come into our hands. Transformation is what storytelling is all about.

Great dreams and concrete goals fuel our writing energy and grow the amount of time we spend working on our manuscripts in progress. At any rate, this is what I tell myself–that time spent among the pens and paper is actually time saved from procrastination. And that, in a way, it’s our natural habitat.

 I hope you’ll have another brilliant writing week. Cheers Mel

muse smallThis week from @yourwritingmuse:

You’ve got talent, persistence, and a great love of learning. Top success indicators, congratulations from Your Writing Muse.

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