Writing Time, Part 69. Brainbox Toolkits for Writers

techneforfunInternet sites talk about writers’ toolkits as if they were outside equipment, but in truth our toolboxes are entirely inside our minds. We work in notebooks and on computers, but if we had neither, we could still tell stories to listeners gathered around a campfire.Writing is making something out of nothing but spirit and brainpower.

We have to take care of our brains:

  • we need to walk, because walking drives body and mind and enhances creative powers.
  • we need to sleep well, and beyond this we must rest our minds by thinking in ways that are different from making decisions and creating stories, like enjoying talking and laughing with family and friends over a meal.
  • and, while we’re eating, feed our minds with whole foods and proper fats, remembering that our guts are sparkling with neurons.

“It’s brain,” I said; “pure brain! What do you do to get like that, Jeeves? I believe you must eat a lot of fish, or something. Do you eat a lot of fish, Jeeves?” – PG Wodehouse, My Man Jeeves.

I hope you’ll have another brilliant writing week. Cheers Mel

muse smallThis week from @yourwritingmuse: Your use of the senses in your writing is brilliant– puts the reader into your point-of-view character’s skin. Your Writing Muse

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