Writing Time, Part 82. Designing Plans for a Writing Life

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. –Jim Rohn

In every profession, success experts agree: set your course. If not, not only do we writers not get done what we dream of doing, we end up doing a lot of peripheral activities we don’t enjoy, and that get us nowhere.

That means writing out goals. Authors do. But how many of us write our goals every day? Long term and short term. We’re all different, but for me, a powerful daily practice is

  1. visualizing my highest, grandest dream in my writing career for a moment
  2. identifying with painstaking accuracy the very next 20-minute step in that direction

It’s a shiny bit of knowledge to carry about, that one small but vital next thing. And, of course, our great dreams are completely portable.

I hope you’ll have another brilliant week in your writing career. Cheers Mel

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From Pulp Literature Press

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