Summertime in a Writing Life. Writing Time, Part 89

Imagine that we already have everything we dream of in our careers. Then ask what would a summer’s day look like in my ideal writing life?

A Shelf Full of Successful Novels

I used to see every summer’s day as a vacuum to fill with writing. But these days, instead of powering up and missing all the good times, I imagine that I already have a shelf full of successful novels, and I still love the work. I ask, what will I do on this summer’s day? Not just work and feeling like I should be doing even more work: some work, and more play.

Envisioning a Successful Writing Career

If we want to be happy in our careers, finishing a story or a book can’t be our only measure of satisfaction. Summer gives warm days in which to envision our ideal writing life, and to take steps towards living it now.

I hope you’ll have another brilliant writing week. Cheers Mel

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