Writing Time, Part 83. Time Management for Writers, a Fractal Approach

I like to think of outlining as fractal, like a rocky coastline. The jagged water’s edge looks similar—not identical, just very like—if seen from space, an airplane, a tower, a rooftop, or from a crouching position at the water’s edge. Story sections also look rather the same at different planning elevations. Whether it’s the 7-volume arc, […]

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Working Bird

When we began our magazine, Pulp Literature, we knew we wanted it to be illustrated.This magpie was the first drawing I thought of for an incidental. He never made it in, no doubt because he’s cranky. I still like this fellow–he’s outside the window right now as a matter of fact, grumpy as hell again because it’s spring […]

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Fresh from the Rennaissance

I love the way Crivelli and Verocchio and their fellows painted lilies in the 15th Century, so that they are just as graceful as the angel holding them. Even more, I’m delighted that the lilies on my windowsill right here in the 21st Century look just the same.

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Raven at the Ready

The great thing about drawing is that if you need a picture of a raven, and you don’t have time to put on your coat and scour the countryside for a raven photo-op, you can just draw one. I find that to be both economical and relaxing. This raven is a detail for Pulp Literature […]

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It’s All About the Sword

I rarely use a straight edge, but with swords I feel obliged to honour the blade with a direct line to the point. Armour is fun, because you’re making black lines on white paper represent something shiny. But if there’s a sword in the picture, that’s what it’s all about.

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These Eyes

Back in the day my great aunt Jessie embroidered a Tudor-style flower scene for my grandmother’s home. It’s now at my parents’ place, and I drew it first straight up, then again with mixed elements–scales for flowers, petals for the bird’s wings. But the eyes had it the third time. (“Eyes” is a detail from […]

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Hands Up

I used to have a heck of a time drawing  hands. Now I don’t know that I’m much more competent, but I can’t get enough of them. Go figure.

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