Writing Time: Doing the Math

If you want to lead a full-time writing career in your full-time life, consider the happy mathematics of writing books.  Writers talk about books taking six months or a year. Or indeed years. And of course any profession will fill the entire time you give it, including every hour of the day, if you allow it […]

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Revising with Terry Brooks in Mind

“Outline, outline, outline.” – Terry Brooks It’s an easy quote to remember. Luckily. Because it’s one of the most vital bits of advice I’ve ever received at a writing conference. Not me personally, you understand. The room was packed. I have found that revisions (as well as drafts) go quickly and smoothly when I outline over […]

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Time and Time Again: Managing it

I’m a true believer in time’s bounty. There’s lots of time for everybody and everything in our lives–that is, for everything we truly love to do and everyone we love to be with. My book on time management for writers looks at finding the large and small powerful and enjoyable ways to move a career forward. I don’t […]

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