The Fairmount Manor Mysteries

Stella Ryman and The Fairmount Manor Mysteries by Mel Anastasiou

“Stella had a sudden vision of herself trapped in a line of ancient and implacable elephants, waving and trumpeting their way through the long African grass on the way to their dying grounds. Amid the crush and thunder of their feet, how could one possibly turn back?

I don’t belong here. I’m not ready to be here.

I’ve gotten myself into the wrong lineup completely!”
-Chapter One, Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries.

Thanks for the great reader reviews! Cheers Mel

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Praise for Mel Anastasiou’s Stella Ryman

“I love Stella.” – KC

“Stella Ryman is my new hero! I love the way the very observant author has woven dementia and lucidity and humour together.” – Susan Lefeaux

“Far from simply being Christie-esque, Anastasiou’s protagonist is not only funny but finds the funny in a warehouse of the death expectant.” – Daniel C Goodwin

“Mel Anastasiou’s prose isn’t just elegant and witty; it’s also warm, compassionate, and insightful. With the endearing Stella Ryman, she has written a character who is brave, intelligent, wise, and stubborn, but who is also trapped. Stuck in a care home, limited by physical frailty, and at the mercy of her slightly less-than-reliable memory, Stella is nonetheless a warrior, seeking justice for the powerless within the walls of the Fairmount Manor care home. While the context is mundane and the situations treated with gentle humour, the sharp and compassionate writing makes us care about defending the defenceless and righting the wrongs of the nursing home as much as Stella does.” – JM Landels, author of Allaigna’s Song: Overture

“Stella’s world an engaging read.” – Mary M

“Stella Wins! Carefully written and a rewarding read. Stella is an unlikely sleuth, like Precious Ramotswe, facing obstacles with courage. A good read for thoughtful people.” – S Peterson

“I absolutely loved the character Stella and this was beautifully written with humour, grace and suspense. Have just purchased the others in the series which I can’t wait to read and would highly recommend!” – Kirsty Favell

“Memorable characters” – Ace Baker,

I love how Anastasiou is taking pulp conventions and using them to tell the relatively ‘mundane’ story of a woman’s final years (months? days?) in a nursing home. … complete with hair-breadth escapes and tall drinks of water and arch enemies.” – Theric Jepson,

Starring feisty octogenarian amateur ’tec Stella Ryman



Mrs. Stella Ryman is an amateur sleuth, trapped in a down-at-heel care home.

Stella Ryman.

You’d be cranky, too.

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In paperback and ebook

  1. Stella Ryman and the Case of the Third Option
  2. Stella VS the Dragon
  3. The Poison Pen Affair
  4. The Four Digit Puzzle
  5. The Case of the Vanishing Resident
  6. Stella and the Thief Named Edge
  7. Stella Ryman and the Man with the Gun
  8. The Death of a Crusader
  9. The Ghost at the End of the Bed
  10. The Mystery of the Mah-jongg Box

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