The Hertfordshire Pub Mysteries: The Seven Swans


What readers are saying about the Seven Swans Mysteries:

“Take a wry protagonist with a cast of quirky frenemies, add a dash of Wodehousian wit, mix in a mystery that would stump Miss Marple, throw it all through time, and you have the charming and delightful Seven Swans mysteries.”


 “These pub mysteries are great reads. Old buildings have souls.”

The Seven Swans features a dilapidated Hertfordshire pub, a recently divorced ex-pat Canadian with a forty-year-old photo of a long-lost love in his wallet, and the first in a series of centuries-old mysteries. He longs for a second chance at happiness, but what he’ll face is peril and plague.

The Sword and Pikestaff Mystery The Seven Swans has waited a long time for a true heart to come along, even within a flawed and lovelorn sixty-year-old man, and will fling him into a crucible of mysteries and dangers set in the pub’s deep past, to give Spencer Stevens and the Seven Swans a second chance for happiness.

The Case of the Cavalier’s Rapier

How far will Spencer, then and now, go sevenswans2cover smallto find his long-lost love? Whether on horseback as one of King Charles’s Cavalier soldiers, spying behind Cromwell’s lines, or in the here and now and out of his depth with a derelict pub in need of renovations outside his strength and skill level, Spencer Stevens is an unlikely hero, but one who’ll stop at nothing to take second chance at finding happiness.